Three Ways To Beat Midlife Blues

According to recent research out of a Belgium university, happiness follows a U-shaped curve during a person’s lifetime.  This study showed that middle-aged people are the unhappiest.  Could this be the death of ambition and the beginning of the road to acceptance?

Young adults dream of the possibilities and have hopes for their future, while adults, past 50, have become better able to control their emotions, accept life’s trials and be satisfied with what they have in their life.

A few possible reasons many people suffer from the midlife blues is physical decline, loss of mental sharpness, focusing on past regrets and stress with being caught between raising children and looking after elderly parents.

What can you do to prevent mid-life unhappiness?  These are three ways to beat the midlife blues:

1 – Make your emotional & physical health the priority. You can do this by staying connected in meaningful relationships and doing more activities that you enjoy while cutting down on things you dislike.

2 – Celebrate your accomplishments vs. focusing on past regrets. Spending time wishing you […]

Three Ways To Tame The Inner Hulk


You stupid idiot…get off the road…where did you learn how to drive!  Do these words sound familiar to you? Unfortunately, the expression of anger is commonplace in our culture.  We laugh hysterically when we watch characters on our favorite TV show get angry and in the case of the Incredible Hulk we are in anticipation of him getting angry.  Anger is a healthy emotion and can be a positive emotion when expressed appropriately.

Many people do not really understand what anger looks like in their life.  The reason is many people have the misconception that an angry person is limited to someone that yells or screams to make a point.  Perhaps like Chris Brown in the Good Morning America dressing room?   However, anger manifests itself in each person differently.  For example, there are people that express themselves by getting loud, slamming doors (this is called an aggressive style of expressing anger). While others express it by not saying anything or avoiding it (this is a passive style of expressing anger).  Another common way of expressing anger is by giving the cold shoulder, or agreeing with the person you are angry at then turning around and doing whatever you want (this is being passive-aggressive).

It is necessary to identify what angers us the most, whether it is something […]