5 Indicators That You Need Relationship Counseling

In relationships it is normal to have ups and downs; moments when you feel close and times when you feel more distant. You may have heard the saying that couples fall in and out of love, I believe this to be true. However, there comes a time when a relationship may be facing more serious issues that if not dealt with will lead to the detriment of your union.

Below are five indicators that you may need relationship counseling.


#1 – You are wondering if the grass is greener on the other side.

By this I mean you are entering into a dangerous zone that could lead to an affair. It is not uncommon for individuals to fall into temptation when they are not happy at home. Emotional distance can leave us feeling unwanted so when someone comes along showing interest and easily gives you attention it is easy to wonder if you could be happier with someone new. Before you make a decision that will have lasting effects on you and your partner it would be wise to resolve the issues within your current relationship and figure out if it’s really over before you start something new.

#2 – You think your mate may be having an affair.

It is easy to become suspicious or even paranoid about what your partner is doing when things are not good between you. However there is a point where things start to add up and you may begin to feel that your relationship is in real danger. Trust your intuition and don’t ignore the signs. It is time to do something before things get out of control.

#3 – He or […]

5 Questions To Choose The Best Orlando Therapist

5 Ways To Choose The Best Orlando Therapist | Life Counseling Solutions 

Did you know that most consumers of therapy don’t take the time to learn about what they need to know about partnering with the best counselor or therapist who can help them be successful in meeting their therapeutic goals?

Firstly, YOU are the consumer so ask questions and “shop” around to find the best fit for you.  It is also best to highly consider referrals from family and friends who have had experience working with a particular counselor or therapist.

ORLANDOBESTTHERAPISTLife Counseling Solutions like many counseling centers offer a complimentary phone consultation or face-to -face meeting. You want to take advantage of this opportunity to briefly explain your problem(s) and ask the counselor or therapist to share how they would approach the problem. If possible, try to chat with at least three different counselors or therapists.   Here are a few questions that you can ask in that initial conversation:

  • How many couples or individuals with similar issues do you work with per week?
    • For example, the more couples that a couple’s therapist works with per week, the more experience she or he has working with couples. Therefore, if you are seeking counseling for your relationship, then you want a therapist who primarily works with couples.
  • Do you work with a couple together or in separate sessions?
    • Life Counseling Solutions believes that it is imperative to see couples together. The therapist can miss the dynamic of how the couple relates when they are seen separately. While there may be a good reason to have one or two individual sessions with each person in the relationship, this should be more the exception […]

Eight Tips For Life Balance

Is balance even possible with all we have going on today?  What does balance even look like? It sounds good…it seems like something to shoot for but is it realistic?  Too often we find ourselves overwhelmed and many times, it is with good things in our lives: jobs, children’s activities, social events, church, trying to stay healthy, and just day-to-day responsibilities.  So if we want to have some sense of sanity and balance in our lives, we know it won’t happen on its own. Let’s take a look at some specific ways we can start moving in that direction:

  1.  Be intentional about scheduling your time or it will schedule you: use a calendar, to-do lists.
  2. Set priorities and know when to say NO!  No really is an answer and to take care of yourself, it is a great answer. Don’t feel like you have to make an excuse or justification.  Just simply state that it doesn’t work right now but maybe at another time. 
  3. Look for creative ways to stay connected and have dual purpose: go to a baby workout class with sister, picnic lunch at park to have social time yet fun time for kids.
  4.  Make sure you take time for YOU so you stay rested and charged up, weekly massage, pampering time, connecting with friends.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will have nothing to offer anyone or anything else.
  5. Marriage: share the duties so it does […]

Make One Healthy Move A Day

It’s a new year again and probably most New Year’s Resolutions had something to do with bettering yourself –  Making a commitment to go to the gym, to eat healthier, to be a better person.  Are you still sticking to your New Year’s Resolution or have you already forgotten about it?


Take a look at the suggestions below for a fresh start in this new year!

Seven Tips to get you started!

1.  Create a List of Five Things That Make You Happy

Personal happiness has more to do with how you spend your time and what you think about than external circumstances, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want.  Prepare a list of the simple life events that make you feel good-smiling at strangers, sipping the perfect cup of coffee, taking a walk with friends. commit to at least one mood-boosting act every day.

2.  Cut Calories, Not Taste

Swap high-calorie ingredients for healthier options, says nutrition and wellness coach Mona Laru.  Try Greek yogurt as a spread instead of mayonnaise, portobello mushroom steaks rather than beef, red peppers on pizza in lieu of pepperoni, and applesauce for your baking in place of more caloric oil.

3.  Quit Waffling on Your Decisions

Washing your hands can help you stop questioning a decision, according to Spike W.S. Lee and Norbert Schwarz, psychology researchers at the University of Michigan. “Cleansing appears to remove not just physical residues, but ‘mental’ residues, such as the concern about whether […]

Is Your Commute Ruining Your Relationship?

Today, we are encouraged to take on lots of new commitments, doing many things, but potentially doing few things well like our most important relationship.  Did you know that new research from Umea University indicates that a 45-minute commute each way increases the likelihood of a breakup by 40%?  This study examined the habits of 2 million couples over 10 years, and concluded that the social costs of work travel may outweigh the monetary gains.

Below are a few possible reasons for commuter’s increased relationship troubles:

1)   Partner’s imbalance of commute times:  If one partner travels farther, the other might get stuck with greater family or household duties.  The partner left holding the bag may feel like they are being taken for granted.

2)    The relationship may not have been as stable before the long commute came into the relationship.  Couples in early marriage or those that were already having relationship challenges can get deeper into disconnect with longer commutes.  If a marriage is also unhappy or has become short on intimacy and fulfillment, it will run the couple down over time.

3)    Long commutes can be frustrating, contribute to certain health problems, and contribute to a general reduction of happiness.  Most individuals who do not feel good about themselves or have health problems can be prone to depression, which can lead to emotionally distancing in relationships.

Below are three strategies to combat […]

Three Reasons Women Marry Less Educated Men

Have you noticed this trend lately?  More women are marrying men who are less educated than they are!  But here is the real question…does it really matter if a woman has more education than her man?  Will the different levels of education impact how they get along in each other’s social circles? Of course, there can be questions of each being secure in whom they are rather than in who brings in the most income or concerns about compatibility. Sure, there is a lot to consider when she is carrying her doctorate into the corporate world and he is happy with his high school diploma and his blue-collar job.  Bottom line, education does not have to stand in the way of love conquering all of these differences. Since this is a growing trend, let’s take a look at the reasons that women are marrying less educated men.

Less College Educated Men to Choose From:
  • Sociologists are telling us that academic and workplace strides among women are outpacing those of men in the United States and the gains are affecting whom educated women marry.

More Women Hold Advanced Degrees:

  • There is also a gender shift in the realm of education.  The Pew Research Center recently reported that Women represent nearly 60 percent of students holding advanced […]

Four Ways Families Can Cope With Economic Stress

Job loss, car trouble, a leaking roof, credit card bills! What else can happen?! What do you do when the month has more financial demands than the bank account can handle?  These are very real life-events for so many right now; all hope is not lost, even though it can feel very overwhelming at times.

Sometimes when life goes into “crisis-mode”, it can be the perfect time to pull together as a family, really be there for each other and also be creative in how to be supportive, and maybe even have some fun, as you come up with ways to navigate this season in your life.

Consider these four ways to cope with economic stress and then see if you can come up with a few more specific to your family!


1 – Have A Financial Plan:

  • How parents respond can have a huge impact on how children will in turn handle tough economic times later in their lives.
  • This is a great time to teach them financial planning, budgets, finding deals, using coupons.  The family can work together to find other sources of income: clean out the house and have a garage sale, sell stuff on eBay, etc.

2 – Connect With Others (including each other in the family):

  • It is a good time to pull together as a family, be creative in dealing with stress, great opportunity to teach your children how to handle these times, for the parents to model a positive way to respond while being real with the challenges.

3 – Use Stress Management Techniques:

  • Journaling is essential to get out of the survival mode. Writing out your fears […]