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5 Indicators That You Need Relationship Counseling

In relationships it is normal to have ups and downs; moments when you feel close and times when you feel more distant. You may have heard the saying that couples fall in and out of love, I believe this to be true. However, there comes a time when a relationship may be facing more serious issues that if not dealt with will lead to the detriment of your union.

Below are five indicators that you may need relationship counseling.


#1 – You are wondering if the grass is greener on the other side.

By this I mean you are entering into a dangerous zone that could lead to an affair. It is not uncommon for individuals to fall into temptation when they are not happy at home. Emotional distance can leave us feeling unwanted so when someone comes along showing interest and easily gives you attention it is easy to wonder if you could be happier with someone new. Before you make a decision that will have lasting effects on you and your partner it would be wise to resolve the issues within your current relationship and figure out if it’s really over before you start something new.

#2 – You think your mate may be having an affair.

It is easy to become suspicious or even paranoid about what your partner is doing when things are not good between you. However there is a point where things start to add up and you may begin to feel that your relationship is in real danger. Trust your intuition and don’t ignore the signs. It is time to do something before things get out of control.

#3 – He or […]

5 Questions To Choose The Best Orlando Therapist

5 Ways To Choose The Best Orlando Therapist | Life Counseling Solutions 

Did you know that most consumers of therapy don’t take the time to learn about what they need to know about partnering with the best counselor or therapist who can help them be successful in meeting their therapeutic goals?

Firstly, YOU are the consumer so ask questions and “shop” around to find the best fit for you.  It is also best to highly consider referrals from family and friends who have had experience working with a particular counselor or therapist.

ORLANDOBESTTHERAPISTLife Counseling Solutions like many counseling centers offer a complimentary phone consultation or face-to -face meeting. You want to take advantage of this opportunity to briefly explain your problem(s) and ask the counselor or therapist to share how they would approach the problem. If possible, try to chat with at least three different counselors or therapists.   Here are a few questions that you can ask in that initial conversation:

  • How many couples or individuals with similar issues do you work with per week?
    • For example, the more couples that a couple’s therapist works with per week, the more experience she or he has working with couples. Therefore, if you are seeking counseling for your relationship, then you want a therapist who primarily works with couples.
  • Do you work with a couple together or in separate sessions?
    • Life Counseling Solutions believes that it is imperative to see couples together. The therapist can miss the dynamic of how the couple relates when they are seen separately. While there may be a good reason to have one or two individual sessions with each person in the relationship, this should be more the exception […]

5 Ways To Grieve The Loss of A Loved One | Orlando Grief Counseling

It seems that every time we turn on the TV that we are bombarded with tragic loss.  This can be especially hard if we are dealing with loss in our personal lives.  It is also difficult when the loss does not make sense and/or is unexpected.  We have the entire town of Windermere grieving the loss and honoring the life of their beloved officer and friend, Robert German, who was tragically killed in cold blood in a senseless murder at gunpoint.  We also have the family and friends grieving the loss of his killers, Brandon Goode (18) and Alexandria Hollinghurst (17), who took their own lives that same morning after taking the life of Officer German.  Neither occurrence makes sense to their loved ones.  Neither death can fully be explained in a way that would relieve the pain they are facing at this moment in their lives.


 There is nothing anyone can say or do to make the pain of losing a loved one go away but there is help in the process.  If you or someone you know is dealing with a loss from a death or suicide here are some helpful tips to assist in healing along the way:

1)   Share your feelings with others.  This is not a time to be alone or to isolate yourself.  There will be moments that you may need to be alone to process the events, to grieve out loud and listen to your own thoughts and feelings, but isolation does not assist in the long run.   Avoiding the company of others or not sharing your feelings keep you stuck and can cause you to fall into […]

Trash Talking Your Ex:The Long Term Emotional Impact For Children

There is an old saying “There is a fine line between love and hate.” You understand this now.  You never thought you would be so confused, full of anger and overwhelmed by feelings.  Being a divorcee and co-parenting never crossed your mind. You are hurt, angry and trash talking your ex. You try to not to say anything in front of the kids but you have a million passionate words to describe your ex and you were done wrong. The attorney and judge stressed the impact negative comments about your ex partner would have on your kids. So what is the long term emotional impact for your children when trash talking your ex?

We all know kids of divorce. Some of these kids are adults now who have commitment problems, poor self esteem, trust issues and don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like. Maybe this is you or your ex? You may have parents who divorced and trash talked each other. Was this your normal? Did this impact you as a child?

Our childhood experiences and behavior modelled by our parents teach us how to interact, trust and develop relationships with those we love. It is doesn’t make sense but we often seek out partners with whom we can play out our unresolved childhood experiences.  So at times we try to re-enact our childhood and heal from the experiences we had as children.  You were impacted as a kid by what your parents said and role modelled for you, the good and the bad. We can’t help it.

Marina Sbrochi an author and writer is researching trash talking […]

3 Ways To Overcome Election Anger

Your Candidate Didn’t Win…How To Get Over It And Move On Without Killing Someone In The Process!

Are you frustrated that your candidate did not win the presidential election? Do you want to scream or flee the country?  Do you know that you can take that energy and respond in a way that helps you move forward regardless of the election outcome?  How about learning how A.R.T. can make a difference in your life and in those around you!

Everyone experiences anger because there are things that happened that we don’t like in life. There are certain expressions of anger that truly are bad for people. Research shows that it can be bad for the cardiovascular system, increase blood pressure, emotional health and for relationships especially if it is not resolved in a productive way.




1.    Acknowledge That You Are Angry.

This election has brought out the most passionate emotions for many voters regardless of who they supported in this election!  If a voter’s candidate did not win, they may feel very angry and wonder how the new president will affect their future!  It is very important that whatever the emotion that a voter is feeling be acknowledged.  We cannot deal with what we are feeling in a healthy way if we can’t acknowledge what it is that we are feeling.

 2.    Restrain Your Immediate Response.

Often times when people are angry, it is easy to forget that sometimes it can be more obvious to others then they would like it to be.  It is easy to take it out at work or with […]

Eight Tips For Life Balance

Is balance even possible with all we have going on today?  What does balance even look like? It sounds good…it seems like something to shoot for but is it realistic?  Too often we find ourselves overwhelmed and many times, it is with good things in our lives: jobs, children’s activities, social events, church, trying to stay healthy, and just day-to-day responsibilities.  So if we want to have some sense of sanity and balance in our lives, we know it won’t happen on its own. Let’s take a look at some specific ways we can start moving in that direction:

  1.  Be intentional about scheduling your time or it will schedule you: use a calendar, to-do lists.
  2. Set priorities and know when to say NO!  No really is an answer and to take care of yourself, it is a great answer. Don’t feel like you have to make an excuse or justification.  Just simply state that it doesn’t work right now but maybe at another time. 
  3. Look for creative ways to stay connected and have dual purpose: go to a baby workout class with sister, picnic lunch at park to have social time yet fun time for kids.
  4.  Make sure you take time for YOU so you stay rested and charged up, weekly massage, pampering time, connecting with friends.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will have nothing to offer anyone or anything else.
  5. Marriage: share the duties so it does […]

Boosting Your Marriage Libido

Have you hit a rough spot in your marriage when it comes to your sex life?  Is it just not the same anymore as it used to be?  Do you have a lack of physical attraction to your partner?  Or can you simply not find the time anymore due to work or children?

Reasons For a Low Sex Drive

Mismatched Desire

The problem may lie in the fact that you and your partner have different desires when it comes to sex.  Having a low desire may cause your partner to feel rejected.  Having a high desire may cause your partner to feel overwhelmed.  Finding a balance is key.

Hectic Lives

You come back from the honeymoon and real life hits you.  You both may have full time jobs, are overworked, have five little rascals running around the house, are too tired and simply cannot find the time to physically be with one another.  It’s extremely important that you nurture your relationship no matter what your duties are on a day-to-day basis.  Sex is a main component of any marriage and needs to be nurtured just as every other aspect of your marriage.  Just as you discuss your finances together you ought to make time to talk about your sex life.  Marriage is a bond between the two of you that needs to consistently […]

Should Children Pass Along Messages From Ex-Spouses?

How far can you go in involving your children when it comes to your ex-spouse?  Ideally, I believe it would be best that all communication between you and your ex-spouse be handled between the two of you.  There is absolutely no reason to involve your children.  Are you not both grown up individuals? Why do you need to use a child to deliver a message?  The fact that you have decided to separate is already hard enough for the child.  Imagine what you put him/her through by using him/her as your communication device?

Negative Effects on Children

There are many negative effects that your behavior can have on your children.  Your child may become torn between you and your ex-spouse.  Children tend to feel like they have to choose between one parent and the other.  They may also become overwhelmed by the demands put on them in carrying out your requests.  You need to be aware of the burden you are putting on your child.  Your child was not meant to be the messenger in your relationship with your ex-spouse.  Your child needs to be loved by both parents and to have a sense of security in his/her relationship with you.  I would recommend you to get over yourself and keep in mind what is best for the child.  You need to be able to put aside your anger, hurt, or disappointment from your ex-spouse and do what is best for your child.  Children need both parents in their lives.  I suggest you talk with your […]

3 Ways To Cope With Jerks

Someone cuts you off on the road; you encounter a rude salesperson or have to deal with a irate customer on the job.  You probably feel like screaming in their face but realize that this might not be the best way to deal with the situation.  So what can you do?

1)  Don’t Take It Personally

Most likely their anger or frustration has nothing to do with you in the first place.  Unfortunately, you are probably just the person that their frustration or anger is being lashed out on.  Keep this in mind since our natural tendency is to take offense to anything that comes against us.

2)  Redirect Your Anger

If you feel like you are going to explode at any minute take a deep breath, count to 5, and take another deep breath.  The key here is to let it go!  Whatever it is that is causing you to feel this way needs to be dealt with followed by letting it go.  Is it really worth it getting you that upset or angry?  If you really do need to blow off some steam I suggest you go for a run or take a trip to the gym.  That will surely  make you feel better and you also get a workout  all at the same time!

3)  Be Gracious

Some days are harder than others.  Remember that we all struggle at times.  We are not perfect people and most likely have mistreated others when we were having one of those days.  Instead of acting like jerks ourself we could […]

Three Tips For Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationships

Did you know that privacy concerns are more prevalent now than ever before since technology has made it so easy for us to take a peak into other people’s lives?  What if it becomes too much?  Do you constantly find yourself taking a look at your husband’s text messages or email accounts?  When have you crossed the line and stepped over the boundaries that were set by you and your partner? Did you even set boundaries in the first place?

What can you do to spare your relationship from boundary violations?


1. Set Boundaries Early in the Relationship

Most couples discuss their finances, but did you know it is essential that relationship boundaries are discussed as well. Couples have a tendency to wait to discuss the nitty gritty things until something bad happens. This is why it is important to be proactive right from the start. Be open to talk about important aspects of the relationship early on and be sure you both are on the same page with the decisions you make regarding your relationship.

2. Communicate

Communication is key in any relationship. Again, it is important to be open with one another and talk about the important aspects of the relationship and not wait until somebody gets hurt. It may be healthy depending on your relationship, to set aside some […]