• 7 Ways To Help Your Kids | Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School 7 Ways To Help Your Kids | Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

    7 Ways To Help Your Kids | Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

7 Ways To Help Your Kids | Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

By: Janie Lacy

How can anyone explain tragedies like the relatively recent killings in Parkland, Florida to kids? There are a few things that parents can do to address any questions or any fears that may come up in children after being exposed to news reports or conversations from classmates.

 1) Be Flexible

It is important that you realize there is no exact right or wrong way to answer any difficult questions about any of these tragedies. What matters the most is that children know that they can talk to you about their feelings and ask questions (i.e. that it is safe to talk about it).

2) Ask Open-Ended Questions

You want to ask kids open-ended questions such as, “what happened in school today? What did you see today? How do you feel about that conversation? This may help facilitate them expressing their feelings.

3) Maintain Routines

Encourage your child to go to school if they want to stay home. When they are at school with other children and teachers, this can be the best place for them to confront any anxieties. If your child is really upset and wants the day off with you, that is ok too. Just make sure any changes in routine don’t become permanent.

4) Be Reassuring

Use language to distance the child from the tragedy and reassure them that they will be safe at school. You can say things like, “that happened far away and I will do everything I can to keep you safe.”

5) Use Developmentally Appropriate Language

Children as young as 2 can be aware that something is happening, but the amount of information they need still changes age by age. It is not advisable to give them point-by-point explanation of the shooting but avoid […]

  • Emotional Regulation | Orlando Therapy | Life Counseling Solutions Emotional Regulation | Orlando Therapy | Life Counseling Solutions

    Emotional Regulation | Orlando Therapy | Life Counseling Solutions

Emotional Regulation | Orlando Therapy | Life Counseling Solutions

Emotional Regulation

Five Things To Regulate Your Emotions 

Our emotions deeply affect our actions, even when we are not aware of them. When we feel jealous, angry or rejected we are likely dealing with whatever stressors we have by suppressing our emotions. On the other hand, when we constantly worry and pre-occupy ourselves to avoid our feelings, we are surviving in a dysfunctional manner leading to anxiety and depression.

With emotional regulation, we must know the difference between Avoiding and Admitting our true feelings. Avoiding leads to more unwanted actions. Admitting leads to more self-awareness and more fulfillment in life.

5 things to keep in mind when you take the brave steps to regulate your emotions:

1.  Be mindful of current emotions.

2.  Label your emotions.

3.  Accept when things can’t change.

4.  Recognize and Cope with stress in a positive way.

5.  Accept that its ok to take a time out.

Emotional Regulation is all apart of Self-Care. Self-Care includes looking inward for happiness, validation and self-acceptance. Remember thoughts are not facts.

Orlando blended family and weightloss Counseling

Cherlette is a realistic and compassionate person who believes that counseling should be tailored to the needs of the client. Her goal is to help you explore the negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck and are no longer beneficial.  Cherlette will help you replace them with positive beliefs that will help you move towards growth and your desired change. Read more about her here…


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Holiday Survival Guide: Tossing the Stress and Gaining the Joy | Orlando Anxiety Counseling

Holiday Survival Guide: Tossing the Stress and Gaining the Joy | Orlando Anxiety Counseling

The holidays can be a blissful time…yet it can also be a time of mounting pressure, stress, and high-time anxiety. Here are a few tips to survive and actually enjoy the holiday season.

stress, anxiety, anger, orlando, maitland

Delegate: You feel more pressure because there is more pressure. Everything does not have to be on your shoulders. Take a load off by delegating tasks that you are willing to release to other family members or helpers. For example, ask your spouse to pick up gifts from various stores while you are at home setting up for visitors.

Limit your tasks: Be realistic with yourself and evaluate your task load. You may want to do everything on your list but is it really possible without losing your marbles or feeling highly irritable. For instance, this year you are hosting Christmas dinner. You may feel less stressed if you are not in charge of making every or almost every dish for dinner as well as setting up your house to host. Limit your to-do list!

Be kind to yourself: During the holiday season people’s level of perfectionism kicks up a notch or two. Remind yourself that everything does not have to be perfect. If you bake a batch of cookies and few come out oddly shaped…it is okay. You do not need to throw away the whole batch and start over. People will still enjoy those cookies. Be gracious and kind to yourself. The holiday season is not ruined if you have misshaped cookies.

Just say no!: Do not be disillusioned into believing you have […]

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4 Ways to Bond With Your Child | Orlando New Parent Coaching

4 Ways to Bond With Your Child | Orlando New Parent Coaching

In this fast-paced world of work demands, running errands, and social media noise, it can be difficult to find the time to bond with your child. It’s important you make the time for some one-on-one bonding with your child. Bonding is beneficial for your child’s development and it also helps you!


Here are a few simple things you can do to help you bond with your child.

  • Take them on some of those errands. When you take your child on errands with you it tells them they matter to you. It shows them that you actually want to spend time with them. They are also captivated by you and how you interact with your environment. This may be the quickest and most effective way to spend some time bonding with your child.
  • Engage them in some of their own activities. For example, if you see your child quietly coloring or drawing on their own, take a seat beside them and join them. Just like number one above, this shows them that you want to spend some time with them. It also shows them that you are interested in what they are doing and this makes them feel good.
  • Set a date and time to go somewhere they like or have never been to. Take them to the park, a museum, or the zoo. Make it some place where you both can have a good time. As you both enjoy each other’s company you will see your relationship grow and improve.
  • Teach them something new. Perhaps you have a particular skill and […]
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Kim Kardashian and Positive Body Image | Self-Esteem Coaching in Orlando

Kim K. and Positive Body Image | Self-Esteem Coaching in Orlando

Recently, reality star Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram that shouldn’t have surprised any of us, but seemed to cause quite the stir in the social media world. There were basically two reactions: disappointment or applause.

Many women, and celebrities alike, spoke out saying that Kim K. is sending a message to women everywhere that encourages our bodies to be used and portrayed in a degrading fashion.


While others made comments like, “Yes! You’ve inspired me! Do what you want with your body.”

But when does the line of confidence get crossed and enter back into a place of insecurity? In my opinion, a woman who is totally confident in her self is confident in just that, ALL aspects that make her who she is: her mind, her humor, her strength, her weaknesses, her wit, and her body. Confidence does not just pertain to how we look.

So, when a person goes and posts a nude selfie, my first thought is why? Is it because she’s confident in who she is? I don’t seem to think so. In fact, I think the opposite. It looks like a cry for attention. “Any press is good press,” right?! There have been HUNDREDS of thousands of tweets and comments about her (both good and bad), so ultimately she got the attention she was looking for.

But how do we empower our girls and young women to be confident without feeling the need to be a piece of sexually explicit material?

1. Empower WHO they are. Remember to celebrate all of the facets that make a woman incredible, not just […]

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Hashtag. Goals

Hashtag. Goals

Goals. We’ve all done it. Browsed through Instagram, Facebook and other social media and longingly desired what others are portraying. Whether it’s a relationship, job or lifestyle, the hashtag #goals says a lot.

On Instagram alone, the hashtag #goals is used over 13 MILLION times.

hashtag goals

While this hashtag is probably meant more to be a compliment (“Wow. Your relationship is so wonderful. It’s my goal to have that one day.”) It can also be misconstrued as forgetting to have goals of your own, and/or forgetting to be content with what you have.

As you enter the new year, stop looking at other people’s lives (or the ideal of their life given through social media, which, let’s be honest, is usually pretty inaccurate) and start creating your own personal #goals.

1. #jobgoals.

Focus on your own passion and calling. While someone may have what seems to be the dream job, it may be THEIR dream job. You have your own gifts and talents that make you unique. Focus on what you want to do with your life, and be happy for others’ success.

2. #squadgoals.

Your friends are special and they love you for who you are. Even though you may not all be Victoria secret angels (like Taylor Swift’s squad) you are each other’s friends for a reason. Cherish your friendships and the value they bring to your life.

3. #fitnessgoals.

It is not only important to have fitness goals, but required. If you don’t set a goal, you’ll never take the first step to achieve it. But beware, when wanting a certain look, physique or body type, to not compare yourself to others or become jealous of […]

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Helping Your Teen Through a Divorce This Holiday Season

How to Help Your Teen Through a Divorce This Holiday Season

By: DeAnn Maccloskey

 The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer, fun and togetherness, but for a family going through a separation or divorce, it can be a time of sadness, frustration and loneliness. As a parent, take this holiday season to be hyper vigilant about your teen’s behaviors and emotions and be sure to take these steps to ensure your child’s positive mental health.

teen overcoming divorce

1.      Talk to your teen.

As difficult as it may be, take the time to effectively communicate with your child to gain a better perspective into how they are feeling. Do not take this as an opportunity to give advice or impart your own wisdom (as wonderful as it may be). Instead, just use this time to let your child vent, cry, talk, and/or process. This is a difficult transition for them, no matter what time of the year, and sometimes, all a child needs is to be heard.

2.      Start a new tradition.

The holidays are all about traditions and this could be the hardest change for your teen. Your teen is used to every Thanksgiving going to Grandma’s house, or each Christmas morning gathering as a family around the tree for gifts; but now that his or her parents are no longer together, all of these traditions are going to change, or go away completely. To help ease the difficulty, create new traditions with your teen (and have them be a part of coming up with some ideas). Then stick to these traditions in the years to come.

3.      Give them space.

This doesn’t mean abandon […]

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Kill Someone Over a Piece of Chicken? | 5 Cues Your Anger is Out of Control!

Could You Kill Over a Piece of Chicken? 5 Cues Your Anger is Out of Control!

By: Veronica Concepcion

In past news it was reported that a man allegedly got in a fist fight with a friend over food, stabbed and killed him. I would imagine this is shocking to most people. Who would A. kill a friend and B. over food? It doesn’t make much sense when you read the headline but truth is this was most likely not about the fried chicken and more about a deeper issue that caused this man to make a horrible life changing decision. I facilitate an anger management group and I can tell you that there are lots of people out there who are one incident away from going over the edge. Interestingly enough most people don’t even realize they have an anger management problem until it’s too late.ID-100282818

Here are 5 Cues Your Anger is Out of Control

Anger has Physical Reactions

Face turning red, shaking, muscle tension, and accelerated heart rate are all physical cues of rage. When someone’s face turns red in anger it means their body temperature is actually increasing. The increase in heat may also lead to pacing, fidgeting, anxiety, high blood pressure and even cause a heart attack. A combination of these sensations may also lead to aggressive outbursts.

Anger is Too Often

If you are finding yourself angry all the time this is a clear indication that there is a problem. Feeling as if you are on the defense means that you have unresolved anger that needs to be dealt with. Take note of what you […]

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Is Your Sex Life Normal? | Orlando Marriage Counseling | “Sexless” Marriage Therapy

Is Your Sex Life Normal?

By: Morgan Rhami

Making it as a married couple in today’s world, may be harder than ever before. We not only live in a society preoccupied with everyone else’s business, but also obsessed with sex. Many adults today devote more time and attention to their Facebook friends then their own spouses. From billboards and movies to Family Channel sitcoms, we are flooded with some form of sex on a daily basis. This competitive, social atmosphere with its relentless sexual focus can cause undue pressure and stress in our real life romantic relationships. Leading couples to feel not up to par, lackluster, “sexless” and even possibly abnormal. The question is, are today’s “real” couples truly sexless or do we need to reexamine the term and stop comparing?


According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary sexless is defined as, “Not having sexual activity. Not including sex”. However in the real world, a sexless marriage can constitute something different to every partner and every couple. Thus, couples need to determine as a unit what constitutes sex for them, i.e., fondling, oral sex, intercourse, etc. Additionally they need to decipher the number of occurrences that need to take place to meet their sexual needs as a couple. The fact is in 2015, most husbands and wives do not actively discuss this topic and probably do not see eye to eye even if they did. For instance, a newly married husband may think a sexless marriage is having intercourse less than three times a week, while his wife would define a sexless marriage as having oral sex and/or intercourse no more than once a […]

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3 Steps to Making Your Blended Family Work | Orlando Divorce Counseling

3 Steps to Making Your Blended Family Work

By: Veronica Concepcion

Can Blended Families Work? In 2015 a story went viral of a dad who was walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day when suddenly decided to stop and grab her step-father to join them. What an emotional yet beautiful picture of two men who love the same girl sharing the honor of giving her away. It would be nice to think that all blended families share this type of respect for one another but we all know this is not always the case. The truth is that blended families can work once the adults get past their own issues and turn the focus onto the children involved.ID-100111842

Realize that the step-parent is not the enemy.

They cannot replace you. In fact they may add value to your child’s life if you allow them to and even become an ally. This means you don’t bad mouth them to your child or undermine them. This will only cause your child to feel confused and as if they are in the middle. Give the step-parent the benefit of the doubt they may surprise you. You will also be giving your child an amazing example of how to extend grace.

Don’t shy away from boundaries.

This may not be possible in all situations but whenever possible work on your relationship and communication with your ex. This will be the only way that you will be able to set boundaries as it pertains to your child and their step-parent. This may require the help of a professional but totally worth it. Keep in mind that […]

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