• 5 Ways To Thrive in New School Transition | Orlando Counseling Services 5 Ways To Thrive in New School Transition | Orlando Counseling Services

    5 Ways To Thrive in New School Transition | Orlando Counseling Services

5 Ways To Thrive in New School Transition | Orlando Counseling Services

How can parents and students thrive in a new school environment?  A new school environment can be a result of a student going from middle school to high school, or the entire family relocating to a different state.  Today, and especially in Central Florida, there are many schools that parents can choose from for their children.  If your child is switching schools due to a personal choice for him or herself, or yourself, different dynamics will apply.  The following are five things to consider in order to thrive in school transition!

After I completed my freshman year of high school in Mobile, Alabama, my father uprooted the family and moved us to sunny Central Florida.  He was offered a better job and as the baby in the family, who was I to argue?  This was no easy transition and I did not desire to move away from all that I knew to be familiar.  The road had been paved twice over from my older brother and sister graduating from my high school in Alabama.  My last name was known and I had more friends than I could count!  People, including teachers and coaches, knew me long before I had even heard of them and now I have to go to a new town and start over!  Ugh!

I learned from this experience and my desire is that it may help you or someone you know going through a similar situation. It was not easy for me, but eventually I was able to thrive in the new environment.  Transitioning to a new school is no easy task for anyone.  It is a different environment full of people you […]

  • 5 Tips to Help Children in a Successful School Year | Orlando Family Counseling 5 Tips to Help Children in a Successful School Year | Orlando Family Counseling

    5 Tips to Help Children in a Successful School Year | Orlando Family Counseling

5 Tips to Help Children in a Successful School Year | Orlando Family Counseling

In many cases children, especially teenagers, need support, encouragement, and accountability when it comes to their school work. Orlando Family Counseling can help you and your family by providing the right tools to get your family moving in the right direction!

Keep in mind that in two-parent households, parents should work together as a team in all aspects of parenting. This is also true when it comes to the expectations each of you have when it comes to your child academically.  It is imperative that parents are on the same page and back each other on the rules and expectations of the school year.  When parents do not work as a team, it is easy for a child to manipulate the situation and get out of responsibilities. In single-parent households, this may be difficult due to you working alone but is doable none-the-less.

1.     Communicate Your Expectations: Prior to the school year beginning, hold a meeting with each of your children present. Communicate to them the expectations you have of them this year. Explain to them that school is important to their future and that they are required to do their best. A good way of engaging a teenager in this discussion is by asking them questions such as, “The school year is about to start, I am wondering what grades you are capable of earning in each of your classes this year if you do your best?” This is a great way to get a fair assessment of the mind set of your child prior to school beginning. Keep in mind that children are gifted differently and the academic strength of each child will not be the same. You should encourage your child  to do […]

4 Warning Signs of Sibling Bullying

A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics from researchers with the University of New Hampshire brings light to a very talked about subject in a very different environment. We are all aware of the unfortunate situation of bullying occurring at school. Name calling, physical aggression, and children taunting each other are the common methods used by bullies towards their victims in the school setting. Depending on the severity of the bullying that an individual has experienced, it can have lasting impact on their emotional and psychological well-being.  But what about being bullied at home? Is it possible to be bullied by your own sibling? The aforementioned study finds that sibling bullying is real and can be harmful to a child or adolescent’SIBLINGBULLYINGs mental health.

Surely if you have grown up with brothers and sisters, or have children of your own, you are aware that various forms of sibling rivalry can occur. Maybe you argued over who the best athlete is or constantly fought over who would ride in the front seat.  Sibling bullying is different from sibling rivalry in that its main purpose is to hurt the other child. This can occur physically or emotionally.  Sibling bullying is different from peer bullying in that siblings have the ability to get at each other quickly. Parents, listed below are a few warning signs and advice to use if you suspect that sibling bullying is going on in your home. While this is not an exhaustive list, it exists to give parents a starting point to help assess the relationships between their children.


1. Harsh insults are forms of sibling bullying and can take […]

7 Ways To Stay Sober When Traveling | Addiction | Life Counseling Solutions

Have you heard the old adage that “when the cat is away the mice will play?” When children are left unsupervised it doesn’t take long for them to find, or create, a little mischief. Who can blame them? Our brains quickly process the situation: no one’s around, this doesn’t happen too often, let’s take advantage of this opportunity and have some fun. As we grow out of childhood and even adolescence into young adulthood, not a lot changes in regards to “opportunistic situations.” For some men, and perhaps women as well, the struggle to not view pornography while at home or throughout the week in daily routine can be a real internal struggle. Now take that same individual and send them out-of-town to work and you have a potentially hazardous situation. Here are seven healthy tips that should help protect you when leaving the comforts of home for work in another city or country.global_professional-career-dining-etiquette-business-dinner-iStk

  • Everyone who struggles with pornography addiction or any other sexual compulsivity should have an accountability partner. If you don’t have one, get one! If you can’t find one, I’ll be yours until you can. Inform him or her of your work trip plans and increase the number of contacts over this period of time. This will help you to not take this trip in isolation, which can be a disaster if you’re in the hotel room all by yourself.
  • Try and book a hotel that doesn’t offer HBO type channels or offer pornographic videos. If you can’t find one simply request that the television be removed for the duration of your stay. Nothing is more important than your sobriety. Another option is to […]